Locating Problems You Can't See

Learn how our infrared-certified inspector can investigate your property in Vichy, Jefferson City, Rolla or St James, MO

Certain problems may lurk in your home, going completely unnoticed, until they cause serious problems. An infrared inspection is one way to catch these types of issues. Sam's Home and Commercial Inspectors is infrared certified, so you can trust our inspectors to find the sneakiest issues. We'll inspect your property using our infrared cameras to detect problems behind walls, beneath your floorboards and in other hard-to-reach spaces.

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During an infrared inspection, one of our inspectors will use an infrared camera to detect abnormalities like differences in temperature, which the camera sees as infrared radiation. This can help the inspector spot everything from energy inefficiency and drafts to electrical problems and potential fire hazards, all without opening up any walls. With one of these inspections, you can rest assured that you don't have any surprises coming your way.

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