Are You Being Exposed to Radon?

Are You Being Exposed to Radon?

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Radon is a tasteless, invisible and odorless gas that can lead to serious health consequences. Whether you're purchasing a new home or you just want to be safe, you can depend on Sam's Home and Commercial Inspectors for radon inspection services in the Jefferson City, Vichy, Rolla, & St James, MO areas. Our specialist uses highly sensitive equipment and follows the National Radon Proficiency Program guidelines. You can expect accurate test results in 48 hours. Testing may take longer depending on your situation. Long-term testing is also available.

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What to expect from your inspection

Did you know that radon can be found in properties with and without basements? This gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer among non-smokers, so it's important to ensure that your home is radon-free. When you schedule a radon safety inspection, you should keep all your windows closed and limit the opening and closing of doors for the most accurate reading.

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